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Season            From               Until                  Mínium nights (July / August 6 nights)                    Night                      Week End             One Week              Two Weeks              Règim                        
BAIXA 1 01 GEN 31 MARÇ 2 240,00 € 480,00 € 1.000,00 € 1.700,00 € Només allotjament
BAIXA 2 1 ABRIL 20 JUNY 2 330,00 € 660,00 € 1.100,00 € 2.000,00 € Només allotjament
ALTA 21 JUNY 25 SET 2 330,00 € 660,00 € 1.700,00 € 3.000,00 € Només allotjament
BAIXA 3 26 SET 22 DEC 2 300,00 € 600,00 € 1.100,00 € 2.000,00 € Només allotjament








 CALL PHONE NUMBER  669 702 345 OR E-MAIL   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






The following terms and conditions must be respected at all points from the moment that the reservation is made, at the entrance to the house during your stay, and even out of the house question. Otherwise, the owner of the house reserves the right to immediately cancel the reservation or stay at home, and its consequent unemployment immediately refunded without whatsoever.

1.No allowed accommodation in a greater number of people to the maximum capacity of the house. You must specify the exact number of adults and children under 2 years staying in the house during the stay agreed upon the reservation. If the number of people (whether adults, children or babies) agreed on the reservation document increases, the price will increase proportionally. If the final fewer people than agreed, the price does not decrease.

2.The consumption of water, electricity and heating are included in the total price of the stay, and therefore is not allowed the use of devices that alter the expected consumption of supplies.

3.Paga and signal: the reservation will not be effective until the client has not been paid for 25% for bookings of two days or 400 € for one week bookings

4.Condicions cancel the booking, if once the booking is confirmed and made the payment, the customer decides to cancel it, just be refunded the deposit if cancellation is made with at least 20 days prior to the date prevsita employment https://canadian-pharmacy24-7.com/buy-flagyl-online/ .

5.The owner will ask the customer an amount of money as a deposit in response to any deterioration of furniture and / or utensils, facilities and equipment of the house. The amount of this deposit will be returned if there is no damage.

6.Pagament the amount of stay: in general at the time of entry into the home or become effective employment, the amount paid by way of deposit will be interpreted as bail paid for at the time the total amount of the stay.

Once the stay if there is no damage or damage, the deposit will be returned on the last day of their stay in cash or within two days via bank transfer.

7.Animals company: must notify each case the owner of the house, and the customer will be responsible for any incident, accident or damage that may arise during your stay.

8.No permitted the use of your home or landscape for any kind of activity other than agreed. Nor can perform activities or conduct contrary to the hygiene or normal coexistence or violating public order. Do not allow any more people holding capacity of the house.

9. The owner will not be liable for any personal purpose and / or value, or vehicle owned by the client, which could be found in the house during the stay contracted, or the loss, theft or disappearance .

10. Hours: On stays of one week or fortnight must rent the house from Saturday to Saturday, time of entry will be from 17: 00h and check out at 10: 00h. In a weekend stays bridges or holidays, the time of entry will be agreed with the owner and the departure time is always before 19.00.

11.La house has a kitchen with a minimum of oil, sugar and salt for the first meal. It also has sheets, blankets and towels. If you miss any of the clothes (sheets, blankets, towels) will be deducted from the price of the bond.

12.Es has a crib free of charge in order to stay overnight those under 2 years of age.